THE BOWDEN/EARLY EXPERIENCE: "Take a rock and roll lead guitarist turned mainstream musical comedian and add a Texas Bluegrass icon and homespun humorist for over 32 years and whadda you got? The recipe for pure-dee entertainment.”

Richard Bowden and John Early - two of the loaded weapons from Richard Bowden with Moon & the Starz step out as a duo offering an intimate look into their long- time separate and combined personal and musical friendships.
They grew up in East Texas separated only by a few miles and a few years, allowing for separate journeys but combined admiration and respect. They were well into the adulthood of their musical paths when they combined their tools for the first time to provide their friends and fans with a rewarding blend of influences and styles.

Whether in an up close and personal intimate setting of a house concert for a audience of 20 to 40, a family reunion, corporate function, festival, country club, or listening room, The Bowden/Early Experience will provide an excellent professional program.
Their two 45 minute sets feature a wide range of
genres which include: Bluegrass, Rock and Roll, Blues, Humor, and Gospel.

Both Richard and John connect with their audiences with amazing and often hilarious back-stories behind their songs from over 40 years (each) of road history for a one of a kind experience. 

From Richard's earliest days with band mate Don Henley in the Four Speeds and Felicity, Shiloh, Blue Steel, and then his 16 year comedy career as the duo Pinkard & Bowden; along with his contributions to the support of Linda Ronstadt, Stevie Nicks, Roger McGuinn, Johnny Rivers, Dan Fogelberg and the Eagles; to name a few, you'll find few musicians with the seasoning, ability and rich comedic history as Richard Bowden.

Equally matched is John Early with his beginnings with Rolan Foster, from The Chandeliers to Ensky, Pecos and then over three decades heading up his incredible Bluegrass band, Hickory Hill. It is a testimony to Hickory Hill's commitment that they have survived and continued to thrive for over 35 years as one of the most loved and most sought after Bluegrass bands in this region.
Richard Bowden and John have played music together in another band, Richard Bowden with Moon and the Starz, for many years but because of the ill health of one of the band members, they decided to form a duo and The Bowden/Early Experience was born.
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